Did You Know That… A Famous American Truck Entrepreneur Would Carry $100 Clips To Give to Random Strangers in Need

Johnnie Bryan Hunt was an American entrepreneur who founded America’s largest publicly owned trucking company, J.B. Hunt Transport Services. As a result, he was an extremely wealthy man but he never let the wealth get to his head and instead used his privileged financial situation to help those out in need.

Johnnie B. Hunt is famous for his generosity though and according to the New York Times, would carry money clips with him containing $100 bills which he would give out to people he encountered on his travels who he felt needed the money. Bryan stated that it was memories of his childhood as a poor sharecropper’s son which stayed with him and therefore wanted to help those out in need.

However his success is one of inspiration and he never lost touch with his roots. Johnnie B. Hunt had done several jobs including one as a truck driver. In 1961, he decided to start up a rice hulls business with his wife however the venture was unsuccessful and cost him around $19,000. He didn’t let the failure get the better of him though and in 1969 he had another attempt which ultimately built the way for J.B. Hunt Transport Services to be a huge success.

Unfortunately, Johnnie Bryan Hunt passed away on December 7, 2006 however he will always be remembered for his politeness and generosity.

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