Which Family Guy Character Are You?

What Family Guy character are you most like? Find out with this personality quiz. Hopefully you don't get Meg...

  1. 1

    How would you rather spend your evening?

    1. Drinking at the pub with your pals
    2. Watching TV because you have no friends
    3. Playing video games
    4. Reading or writing a book
    5. Shopping
    6. Tinkering and experimenting with technology
  2. 2

    What's your favoured means of transport?

    1. Teleportation
    2. Car
    3. Private Jet
    4. Public Transport
    5. Walking
    6. Bike
  3. 3

    What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?

    1. Beer
    2. Give me an orange juice!
    3. Wine
    4. Whiskey
    5. I'm too young to drink
    6. Anything alcoholic will do! I need to numb the pain somehow...
  4. 4

    What's your favourite country?

    1. USA
    2. Japan
    3. Every country is my favourite!
    4. United Kingdom
    5. Germany
    6. Mars
  5. 5

    You have one wish. What do you wish for?

    1. To be a successful author
    2. Popularity
    3. Rule the world
    4. Wealth
    5. For your parents to like your significant other. That's not too much is it?
  6. 6

    At school you were the...

    1. Unpopular one
    2. Fat one
    3. Stupid one
    4. Sensible one
    5. Hot one
  7. 7

    What country does your family originate from?

    1. Germany
    2. Petoria
    3. UK
    4. USA
    5. Too many...
    6. Mexico
  8. 8

    What colour is your hair?

    1. Blonde
    2. Ginger
    3. I wear a hat...
    4. White
    5. I have no hair
    6. Brown
  9. 9

    You encounter Ernie the Chicken. He flips you off. You decide to fight him. What do you fight with?

    1. Ray gun
    2. Fists
    3. Baseball bat
    4. Crowbar
    5. Gun
    6. Kitchen Knife
  10. 10

    What is more important to you?

    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Money
    4. Sex
    5. Alcohol
    6. World Domination

Which Family Guy Character Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    Peter Griffin

    You're a proper lad's lad. Sure you may be idiotic and neglect your family to have some beers with the guys but you're the life and soul of the party. Without you, it would be a very boring world...
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  2. Quiz result

    Lois Griffin

    Devoted. Attractive. Hard-working. You have it all. Unfortunately, everything you do is sometimes taken for granted...
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  3. Quiz result

    Chris Griffin

    You try to fit in but no matter how hard you try, you're always still a little bit odd. Time's on your side though.
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  4. Quiz result

    Meg Griffin

    Shut Up Meg!
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  5. Quiz result

    Brian Griffin

    You strive for success and love but always end up falling just short for whatever reason. One thing is for sure though, life wouldn't be the same without you...
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  6. Quiz result

    Stewie Griffin

    You have plans for world domination but there's a sensitive side in there somewhere...
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