Are You Color Blind? This Test Could Tell You…

Have you ever thought that you may be color blind? If you have, this test could help you identify whether or not you suffer from color blindness. It’s not always obvious if someone suffers from color blindness as it can impact how people see color differently. Some people can experience slight differences while for others it can be seeing a completely different color.

By watching this video, you can get a rough idea though as to whether or not you are color blind and just how well you can spot different colors.

On the screen you will see a circle which contains lots of smaller circles which are different colours. There will be a general pattern though which makes out a number. If you only see one color such as red or orange, it means there’s a high chance that you may be color blind.

The video test is based on the blindness test created by Ishihara back in the early 20th century. The test has been such a good indicator that it is still widely used today.

Could you see all the colours? Perhaps you only saw red or orange? Let us know in the comments!

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